Chinese Cuisine – Cumin Potato Chips


Worldwide a lot of delicious foods will attract you to taste it, sometimes you may intent to travel for only the local flavor. By this time let me introduce some amateurs of cooking as one meal, named Cumin Potato Chips, also is called Cumin French Fries. Though from the name you may think it is cooking way and meal from Europe, actually it is exactly a traditional Chinese Cuisine. It is quite different from cuisine of Europe style. As often, European cuisine are with more way of deep fried, roasting and boiling. However Asia food, exactly Chinese Cuisine will be cooked by quick fried, steamed, certainly also with roasted and deep fried ways sometimes.



Cumin Potato Chips, There are a lot of snacks and cumin potato chips to be sold by vendors on the night market in China, one for five Yuan (RMB) as approximately equals to 0.8 or 0.9 dollars, maybe not more than one piece of potato to cook for one dish by vendors, so it is not easy to eat at all and sometimes cannot satisfy people’s appetite. And the the way to cook cumin Potato chips is super simple and easy, since then it is better to cook it by yourself, Today, as host of food blog, I will teach everyone how you cook about cumin potato chips. Actually I learned it from my Chinese Friend. When you watch TV, when you do feel lonely, when you are free at home, then try a while to idle away your time with meaningful ways.


Now let me show you what food material and related ingredients we need, continuing to read below,

Potato 300g (tips, small potato is preferred as we choose)

Oil 20ml (tips, vegetable oil is much better than animal oil)

Salt 3g

Cumin powder 1g

Black pepper powder 1g



  1. At the frist, cleaning the small potato; then peeling the skin of potato; as next slicing the potato into french fries shape.
  2. Preparing cast iron pan and heating the pan till enough hot, then filling some oil into hot pan. Tips as cannot heating the oil over medium heat.
  3. Pouring the potato chips into pan when oil is a little bit heat, then some of salts (half of spoon). mixing potato chips and salts together.
  4. Till now, covering the pan by cover and roasting it around 10 minutes, after that stopping heat and continuing to Simmer around 5 minutes.
  5. Well, the last method to sprinkle some cumin, black pepper powder before you eat it.



Certainly, for this cuisine, we have to put more oil then the taste is absolute local flavor. There is another way to cook it well as pan’s choice. We have to choose cast-iron pan according to my Chinese friend’s experience. Because cast iron or steel pan are different from other materials, you may gain more Fe element as body’s demand and the taste is also better than cooking by other pan.


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